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Queensland Licensed Pawn Broker

About Us

Mr Car Pawn are experts in vehicle & asset appraisal and valuations. With over 25 years experience, Mr Car Pawn has the ability to offer fair, accurate and comprehensive wholesale and retail valuations on your asset.

We promise to be prompt, professional and discreet manner. Your business is your business, and we assure you we will never share your details with any 3rd party.

Taking your asset as a security ensures we are able to provide you with a fast loan with no risk of legal or debt recovery action, even if you can't pay out your loan on time.


We can assist in organising a Fast Hassle Free loan against any type of registered, unencumbered vehicle.

Contact us today to discuss your needs on 1300 677 296.

Mr Car Pawn Fast Cash Pawn Loans Against your Car

We're here to help

Queensland Licensed Vehicle and Asset Pawnbroker. No Credit Checks. No Proof of Income. No Financials Needed. We loans against any vehicle or asset. Quick Cash - Brisbane, Gold Coast and More. Hassle Free and Fast! Contact us today for help.

Trusted & Licensed

Our promise to you is to give you the best loan possible based on a fair percentage of your assets value, regardless of your past credit history, your employment status or for any other reason a traditional lending institution may refuse you a loan.

Mr Car Pawn Fast Cash Pawn Loans Against your Car

but don't know where to turn?

If you have an encumbered* or unencumbered vehicle, we offer a hassle free cash loan fast.

No Application Fees. No Credit Checks!

Mr Car Pawn | Fast Cash | No Credit Check | We lend against cars, Utes, SUV, 4WD and more | Call 1300 677 296 now.

We're here to help.

Head Office:
Suite 1 / 3289 Logan Road, Underwood Queensland 4119

Welcome to Mr Car Pawn. My name is Lucy. A Young vibrant brunette woman who is here to help you get access to fast cash. Call 1300 677 296 now.

Deal direct with the decision maker, contact Mr Pawn today.

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